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The Rustic Refined

About us Mush在2013年1月創立,一開始是為對方手造一份禮物, 然後又因同一個原因而繼續創作。除此之外,某些系列和轉捩點都反映著我們當時的經歷和個人喜好,所以整個品牌對我們來說是很個人的。




我們特意嘗試在每件作品中都加入了 Kinetic (動力) 的元素,因為Life is dynamic。


Mush was started in Jan 2013 by the two of us. It is a rather personal project reflecting our likes and experiences.


Our works are heavily inspired by our childhood obsession - Harry Potter, as well as astronomical instruments and laboratory apparatus. By adding kinetic elements and a rustic twist to our works, we hope to break down the stereotype around brass and gemstones accessories - that they are old-fashioned.



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